Monday, January 1, 2007

God Is Absolute Love

Saint Irenaeus tells us that the Word became flesh in order to give us a
share in God’s glory: "The glory of God is the living man, and the life of man
consists in the vision of God" (Adv. Haer., 20,5,7). Ultimately, the Incarnation
is the fruit of God’s infinite love for humanity; it reveals, in von Balthasar’s
insightful phrase, that God is not primarily absolute power, but absolute love,
a love revealed in the complete gift of himself. May the song of the angels
inspire us to give "glory to God" and to build "peace on earth", by humbly
receiving the gift that God gives us at Christmas: the gift of his love, the
gift of his Son.

Benedict XVI, 12/27/06

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