Monday, June 11, 2007

Monastic Musings: Corpus Christi - More Than an Invitation

Monastic Musings: Corpus Christi - More Than an Invitation

The Corpus Christi processions, the mystical paintings or icons of the Last Supper, of the Risen Christ bringing communion - all of these are different. MYSTERY! they all proclaim. Unfathomable depths, layer upon layer: redemption through Christ's sacrificial blood that both heals us and calls us to further sacrifice.

Sharing in the Body of Christ, broken for us, but now imaged in the Assembly as well as the bread we break at Eucharist. This is beyond all understanding, ponder - and adore!

The Mystery is more inviting than the invitation. Even the best of parties grows tedious after a while, and there are limits to conviviality. The invitation seems shallow, merely human. The Mystery of Eucharist, in contrast, opens a door that allows us entry - and what we see, what we know through the Church is inside - that great goodness draws us in.

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