Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catholic Sites Reach Persecuted Christians

From Catholic Radio Indy 89.1:
I’m [name removed], from MALAYSIA - a Muslim nation which prohibited the use of radio and Internet for Christian missions.

I used to go for daily Mass, and now when I came back to my hometown in Sabah, I do not have the opportunity to go for daily Mass.

I’ve been searching for an online radio where Catholics can listen to the Catholic stuff, and thank God that through the, I found your station which made me really happy to be able to join the daily Mass in spirit and prayers and faith of Catholicity, though I can’t go for the daily communion. I’m just able to do it spiritually.

I thank God for this station. It reached me in Malaysia.

God bless!


Mr. [name removed],
Tamparuli Sabah, MALAYSIA

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