Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Spirit of Assisi

The Pope's statement at an interfaith gathering in Naples emphasized religion's role in promoting peace and dialogue, and never violence.
Respecting the differences among the various religions, we are all called to work for peace and to a dynamic commitment to promoting reconciliation among peoples. This is the authentic “spirit of Assisi,” which is opposed to every form of violence and abuse of religion as a pretext for violence. Facing a world lacerated by conflict, where sometimes violence is justified in the name of God, it’s important to reaffirm that religions must never become vehicles of hate; never, invoking the name of God, can evil and violence be justified. On the contrary, the religions can and must offer precious resources for constructing a peaceful humanity, because they speak of peace at the heart of the human being. The Catholic church intends to continue to pursue the path of dialogue in order to favor understanding among the diverse cultures, traditions and forms of religious wisdom. It’s my lively hope that this spirit will spread ever more, above all where tensions are most strong, where liberty and respect for others are negated, and where men and women suffer the consequences of intolerance and incomprehension.

via John Allen

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