Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Testimony to a Grandmother's Martyrdom

From the moving story of Bl. Teresa Cejudo, Spanish martyr, by her granddaughter. Read the whole story here.
Caballero said Blessed Teresa Cejudo was very active at the Salesian school in her town and “helped distribute food to poor families and taught children unable to attend school to read and write.” She was put in prison for over a month in Pozoblanco and was shot at the cemetery together with seventeen others. “She was very strong at that time,” Caballero continued. “She said goodbye to her only daughter, my mother, and she was shot last because that was what she requested. She asked not to have her eyes covered, she wanted to die looking at death in the face, which she did not fear, because she was dying for God. She encouraged her seventeen companions not to deny God or their faith.”

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