Friday, December 14, 2007

The Need for Integral Education

Their integral education is a fundamental necessity. In fact, a technical and scientific training is not enough to fashion men and women who are responsible in their families and on every level of society. To reach this objective, one has to promote education based on human and moral values that enable each young person to trust in himself, to hope in the future, concerning himself with his brothers and sisters, and taking on his role in the development of the nation, with an ever increasing and acute sense of concern for others.

For this reason I desire that, in every country, the education of youth be a priority, with the help of international institutions involved in eradicating illiteracy and the lack of formation in all its forms. This is a particularly important way to combat the desperation that can take root in the hearts of young people, and provoke many individual or collective acts of violence.

Pope Benedict XVI

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