Friday, February 13, 2009

Online Retreat with the Liturgical Seasons

Feb 8-14 | Week 21
Jesus Calls Others to Join Him.
As Jesus reveals his story to us, we can't help becoming drawn to him. This week, we have the privilege of contemplating Jesus as the one who calls companions to service with him. If we were inclined, in the past, to view God's calls to us as "obligations" about which we might be ambivalent, we are not there now. In this retreat, we are growing in a sense of such attraction to the person of Jesus, and his way of responding to his own call from God. that we are being drawn to be with him with deep desire.
Free Online Retreat with the Liturgical Seasons: 2008-2009
The Retreat uses the movements of the Spiritual Exercises to help us grow in spiritual freedom and the ability to find intimacy with God in the midst of our every day busy lives. Includes audio files.
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