Monday, February 23, 2009

Poor Banished Children of Eve

. . . So perhaps we ought to look at the “exile” of Lent, as well as that of our whole earthly life, as a time of preparation for the vision of God, for the return to Paradise, because “there we shall behold the surpassing beauty of the Master.” For Christians, all of life has this ultimate goal and we ought to be clear about it and order our lives accordingly. . . .
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Abbot Joseph's Final-hour Mop-up Ministry:
This ministry is probably going to arouse the ire of those dark powers who are about to pop the corks on their champagne bottles as they prepare to receive more wretched souls into their infernal houses of horror, only to find them suddenly snatched away into Paradise by the power of Jesus’ Sacrifice. But hey, you only live once.
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