Saturday, July 18, 2009

Divine Will Volume 17

March 1, 1925
How each additional act which the soul does in the Divine Will is one more filament of light which renders the light within her more intense, more strong and more bright. . .

"But do you know what this light is? It is all the interior operating that you do. Each additional act you do is one more filament of your will which you bind to the current of the eternal light; and that filament turns into light. So, the more acts you do, adding more filaments, the more full, intense and bright the light will become. Therefore, what you have done is the light that you see, and what is left for you to do is the void that you see within that same light. And I will remain always in the midst of this light, not only to enjoy it, but to bind the filaments of the human will to the current of the eternal light, because I am the origin, the foundation, the current of the light. But do you know what true light is? True light is the truth. The truth, known, embraced, loved and put into practice by the soul, is the true light, which transforms her into light itself, and causes new and continuous births of light to be placed inside and outside of her. This truth forms the true Life of God within the soul, because God is truth, and the soul is bound to the truth - even more, she possesses it. God is light, and she is bound to the light, and is nourished with light and with truth. However, while I nourish the soul with truth and with light, she must keep the current of her will opened, in order to receive the current of the divine communication." . . .
Divine Will Volume 17

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