Monday, February 15, 2010

Worshiping God for His Own Sake

Thomas Aquinas College Alumni Fuel
"Vocations Boom" at Clear Creek Monastery
"Truth is not the only transcendental," Fr. Morey explains. "Like in the College's motto (verum, bonum, pulchrum), there's also the good and the beautiful in addition to the truth.… Yes, it's the experience in the classroom setting and learning, but it's also the smell of the orange blossoms on campus as it floats up the canyon in the spring, or playing beach volleyball in Ventura, or smoking cigars at Dr. Nieto's, or eating burgers and shakes at In-N-Out, orange milkshakes at The Summit. These aren't the noblest of all reasons, but the multifaceted reflections that you see all around you, and they are good, beautiful, and true."
Worshiping God for His Own Sake

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