Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fiat Voluntas Tuua

The Kingdom of the Divine Fiat in the Midst of Creatures
Luisa Piccarreta
The Call of the Creature to Return to the Order, to the Place,
and to the Purpose for Which It was Created by God.
Volume 17, May 17, 1925
Now I continue by saying that my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, to what you have said on fusing yourself in my Will, another appeal must be added – that of fusing yourself in the order of grace, in everything that the Sanctifier – the Holy Spirit - has done and will do for those who are to be sanctified. More so since, while We, the Three Divine Persons, are always united in operating, if the Creation points to the Father, and Redemption to the Son, the Fiat Voluntas Tua will point to the Holy Spirit. And it is precisely in the Fiat Voluntas Tua that the Divine Spirit will make display of His work. You do it when, on coming before the Supreme Majesty, you say: ‘I come to requite You in love for everything that the Sanctifier does for those who are to be sanctified. I come to enter into the order of grace, so as to be able to give You the glory and the requital of love as if all had made themselves saints, and to repair You for all the oppositions and lack of correspondence to grace’. And as much as you can, you search within Our Will for the acts of grace of the Spirit Sanctifier, so as to make His sorrow your own, as well as His secret moans, His anguishing sighs in the depth of the hearts, in seeing Himself so unwelcome. And since the first act He does is to bring Our Will as the complete act of their sanctification, in seeing Himself rejected, He moans with inexpressible moans. And you, in your childlike simplicity, say to Him: ‘Spirit Sanctifier, hurry, I implore You, I pray You again – make your Will known to all, so that, by knowing It, they may love It, and may welcome your first act of their complete sanctification – which is your Holy Will.’ My daughter, We, the Three Divine Persons, are inseparable and distinct, and in this way do We want to manifest to the human generations Our works for them - that while being united among Ourselves, each One of Us wants to manifest individually His love and His work toward the creatures.”

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