Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Paulo Carozza on Pope's World Day of Peace Message

At Zenit, Notre Dame law professor Paulo Carozza comments on the Pope's World Day of Peace Message and natural law.

... I would say that in much of the world the strong connection between
peace and the rights and dignity of the person is now accepted as self-evident.
One can see it in the way that the language and politics of human rights has
permeated everything from international trade to post-conflict institution
building to environmental protection.

Where Benedict XVI goes much further than the prevailing mentality is in
his insistence that it is not enough to simply assert -- however correctly --
the link between peace and human dignity. To make that connection real and
concrete, not just an abstract ideal or intuition of the truth, one needs to
cultivate an adequate and objective understanding of what the human person is,
and what human dignity requires.

via Vitus Speaks

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